Scalp micropigmentation has been more of a common solution for men, however, scalp micropigmentation is becoming a popular treatment for hair loss in women as well. Significant thickening effects are possible when the procedure is used to treat female hair loss as well. It can make a considerable difference to a woman’s life, regarding both general aesthetics and psychological wellbeing. We at The Scalp Shop – Scalp Micropigmentation in El Paso have many female pattern hair loss success stories.

Hair Transplant Scar Camouflage

Whether you’ve received a scar from an injury, surgery, or hair transplant procedure, The Scalp Shop – Scalp Micropigmentation El Paso has a SMP expert that uses techniques to reduce the size and shape of the scar and/or camouflage the scar into the hairline to reduce the appearance of the scar up to 100%.

Scar Camouflage Tattoo

Our scar camouflage procedures typically take place over 2-3 treatment sessions. The duration of these sessions depends on the nature of every scar.

Using scalp micropigmentation, we are usually able to conceal scars by at least 70%, and in some cases, we achieve a camouflage of up to 100%. There are many factors at play that ultimately determine how successful your outcome will be. We discuss these factors with you in detail before your treatment begins.