No hairline is exactly the same. And when hairlines recede, they all have their own unique patterns. Because of SMP’s unique flexibility in restoring hair loss, restoring your hairline has never been easier and is the perfect solution for a receding hairline.

There are three different hairline styles that look best: soft and broken, natural receded and defined. We’re going to explain these different techniques of SMP hairline restoral so you can decide which is the best solution for you.

Types of Hairlines

Soft, Medium and Defined SMP Hairline Restoral

Soft and broken hairlines are the most natural look possible due to its uneven, faded in appearance. Best for those with lighter skin and hair so it blends perfectly with the skin’s complexion and lighter hair color follicles. Also ideal for those with almost complete loss of their hairline so it looks more natural due to having less pigmentation.
A natural receded Scalp Micropig-mentation hairline restores your original hairline, for exactly the same hairline as you used to have before the hair loss. It’s not faded in like the “soft” style, but a blend of soft and more defined so it appears denser while also having some lighter shades.
Defined hairlines are for those that want a sharp, freshly cut appearance. It’s distinct, easily seen and visible. Ultimately, it gives the impression of looking younger. It’s a fuller hairline for those that haven’t had much hair loss with their hairline. Ideal for those with darker skin complexions as well. On fairer skin, it will appear more noticeable.

Another factor to consider is that certain hairline styles suit people of some ethnicities better than others. For example, African American men are better suited for defined hairlines better than caucasian men because most have darker hair and complexions and tend to keep their hair short and cropped. However, pigmentation colors come with a variety of combinations that can flawlessly match your complexion with the desired hair color.